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The Holy Tomb of Syedna Ghausal Azam, at Baghdad, Iraq








Pir Al-Syed Yousuf Bin Mehmood bin Faizullah Al-Gilani was the descendants of Syedna Ghausal azam Abdul Qadir Jilani. He born at Bab-ush-Shaikh, Baghdad, Iraq. He complete His Islamic Education & then in Agricultural Unversity Baghdad. He was a leader of Independence war of IRAQ, Tehreek-e-PAKISTAN and He was the AMEER-UL-MUJAHEDIN at Kashmir war in 1947 49. The Govt. of Pakistan awarde Him " Left. Colnel" and the President of Azad Jammu & Kashmir give him the Title of " GHAZI-E-KASHMIR " The British & Pakistani Govt. called him " PEER OF WANA " His folowers are in all over the world, especially in Pakistan, Kashmir & Waziristan agency. He died & buried in PHULARWAAN, Teh. Bhulwal, District Sargodha, Punjab (Pakistan)








SYED ABDUR REHMAN was a great scholar and his personal Library consists of thirty six thousand books on various subjects. Of these, about two thousand were manuscripts. The Present Makteba Qadiria is in fact, the altered name of the personal library of Syed Abdur Rehman. A copy of the QURAN written in gold was, after his death, presented to the king of LIBYA, IDRIS SANOSSI by Pir IBRAHIM SAIF-UD-DIN. This manuscript of the Quran was seven hundred years old. In “Tarikh Ahwarat IRAQIA” by Abdul Razak Al Hassani, it has been stated that he was well known for his examplary piety and charity, and as a great Alim who loved books and had acquired abundant knowledge. He was also a man devoted to prayer and a great Wali of his time. Hazrat Seyidena Ghousul Azam conferred upon him the Khilafat of his Order in a dream, which was later affirmed by the Walis of his time. He had million of Murids and devotees.(with Thanks: )








The Gold Frame arround the Holy Grave of Syedna Ghausa Azam inside the Shrine at Bab-ush-Shaikh, Baghdad, Iraq. The Khalifa Faqir Muhammad Afghani is sitted behind the Holy Grave. He died in probebly 1985.








Darbar Hadrat Ghausal Azam Syedna Abdul Qadir Jilani (Radi Allah Anhu) Baghdad, Iraq








Al-Syed Mehmood Hassamuddin Al-Gilani He was s/o Al-Syed Abdur Rehman Al-Gilani Naqeeb ul ashraaf, born in 1189 A.H. He was a scholar and also possessed profound religious know-ledge. He led a strict religious life that was symbolised in his impressive and attractive personality, He was known for his charity, and devotion to the faith His Murids included Kings, Amirs and Nawabs and many other prominent people all over the world. He always associated with his father in the political deliberations of the Country.He himself formed in Baghdad a new political party known as Hizb-Al-Hurr (Freedom party). The library of Syed Abdur Rehman included a big and valuable collection of books and thousands of manuscripts. After the death he purchased it from brothers and placed it at the disposal of the Makteba Qadiria. He was the Mutawalli and after him, the, management would go to the eldest son in his family. (A clash of Loyalities by Arnold Wilson in ‘IRAQ’ by Pholip Willard, Ireland).with thanks:








Al-Syed Ahmad Zafar Al Geelani Al-Syed Ahmad Zafar s/o Al-Syed Mehmood Hus-Sam-ud-din Al-Gilani is the present Custodian (Naqeeb-ul-Ashraaf/Sujjadah Nashin) of Darbar-e-Aaleya Syedna Ghausal Azam, Baghdad. He is well lorned Man, He was Ambesidar of Iraq in Pakistan and other Countries.(photo with thanks:








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