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4.    Global Prayer Time Calculator (Calculates Prayer Time About 1600 Cities Round The Globe)

5.    Important Days Reminder (Reminds You The Islamic Days Whole Year)

6.    Muslim Children Names (Names Of  Muslims (Male and Female) with Meanings and Have Powerful Searching ability)

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  The lightning almost snatcheth away their sight from them . As often as it flasheth forth for them they walk therein , and when it darkeneth against them they stand still . If Allah willed , He could destroy their hearing and their sight Lo! Allah is Able to do all things . {Surah - Baqara, Verse 20}
  A person said (to 'Abdullah b. Umar the narrator): Which of the two precedes the other-Pilgrimage or the fasts of Rarnadan? Upon this he (the narrator) replied: No (it is not the Pilgrimage first) but the fasts of Ramadan precede the Pilgrimage.