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  Audio >> Qur'an (Urdu-TR) >>UnKnown

Title Listen Download
 Surah 88-AlGhashiyah Download
 Surah 89-AlFajr Download
 Surah 9-Al-Toba-1 Download
 Surah 9-Al-Toba-2 Download
 Surah 90-AlBalad Download
 Surah 91-AlShams Download
 Surah 92-AlLail Download
 Surah 93-AlDoha Download
 Surah 94-AlInshirah Download
 Surah 95-AlTin Download
 Surah 96-AlAlaq Download
 Surah 97-AlQadr Download
 Surah 98-AlBayyinah Download
 Surah 99-AlZilzal Download
Fatawa-e-Ahlesunnat -
  So, when We have already recited it follow then its recital.[75:18]
  The Prophet (Sal-allahu-aleihi-wasallam) said, "Reciting the Qur'an during prayer is more excellent than reciting it at other times, and reciting the Qur'an at a time other than during prayer is more excellent than extolling Allah and declaring His greatness. Extolling Allah is more excellent than sadaqah, sadaqah is more excellent than fasting, and fasting is a protection from Hell."