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The Birth Of

Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

And Miraculous Happenings

Bibi Aaminah Radiyallahu-Anha saw the gates of Heaven open. The angels came down for the adoration of the new baby. Three angels went towards the Kaabah. One angel stayed over the Kaabah, one went to the East and the other towards the West. A light then spread out lighting up the universe. In this miraculous light, Bibi Aaminah Radiyallahu-Anha could see distinctly the palaces of Palestine and Syria. After the birth of Muhammad (Allah`s Grace & Peace be upon him) three angels appeared. One of them took a seal and marked the right shoulder and handed the child over to the mother. When Bibi Aaminah looked upon the face of the child, it was shining like the full moon and perfume of the finest Otto (sweet -smelling essence) was coming from the body. Hazrat Muhammad (Allah`s Grace & Peace be upon him) was born without an umbilical (navel) cord, circumcised and his body miraculously pure and clean without any kind of blood or dirt on it. At the time of birth of Muhammad (Allah`s Grace & Peace be upon him) Hazrat Abdul Muttalib, the grandfather of the Holy Prophet (Allah`s Grace & Peace be upon him), and some other Mecums were at the Kaabah at this early hour before dawn. All of a sudden they were surprised to see the walls of the Kaabah bow miraculously before Maqam-e-Ibrahim. Abdul Muttalib hearing the walls of the Kaabah talk and seeing all the idols fall. There were a number of people at the Kaabah at the time of the birth of Hazrat Muhammad (Allah`s Grace & Peace be upon him), when all the idols fell prostrate. They picked up and erected the fallen idols, but the idols fell down again on their faces. They propped them up again but the idols collapsed for a third time. These idols remained prostrate on the floor for a full twenty-four hours. No amount of effort to refit them throughout the world was successful. It was only on the next day that they were refitted. This was witnessed by thousands , not only at Mecca but all over the world The fire in the Magi temple of the Zoroastrians which had been alight for thousands of years, became quenched for the first time in recorded history. It had always burned ever since it was lit in the days of King Nimrod. Fourteen towers of the Royal palace of Nausherwan, the Emperor of Persia, broke and fell. The famous stone, on which the fabulous throne of Persia was kept, cracked. The deep and fast flowing river Sawa in the Persian Empire dried up instantly. The river Samawa in the Persian Empire which had been dry for the past thousand years or more started flowing immediately. Emperor Nausherwan had a dream that very night in which he saw Arabian camels drag away the Iranian horses across the Tigris and spread them selves throughout Persia.